WLIRA Board of Directors

A tribute to long-time WLIRA Director, Linda Wilson, who we lost in 2015.
(Photo: A tribute to long-time WLIRA Director, Linda Wilson, who we lost in 2015.)
WLIRA Board of Directors 2016

President:                        Kelly Walls
Vice President:               Lori Winters
Secretary:                        Kathee Sukert
Treasurer:                        Tracey Nichols

Directors and port folios:

Kelly Walls:                   Contracts, promotions, sponsorship, Cowboy Carnival
Lori Winters:                 Contestant parking, arena set-up, dirt and take-down, rodeo performance
Kathee Sukert:              Rodeo security
Sharon MacDonald:    Advertising, media, promotions, programs, Facepage and website
Brenda Sanford:          First aid
Blain Stolz:                   Announcer stand music
Neil Sukert                    Rodeo security
Shaun Oxtoby:              Arena set-up, dirt, and take-down, rodeo performance
Allison Everett:             Arena signage and BCRA office
Diana Puhallo:             Team challenge draws, beer garden and barn dances
Lynda Philpot:              Vendors, ticket sales and admission gates
Sharon Stoltz:               Beer garden and barn dances
Cody Thompson:          Merchandise,  rodeo fans draws and door prizes
Barb Swampy:              Indoor rodeo sales outlet
Kristin Wallick:              Volunteer dinner
Amanda Waters:          Merchandise

 WLIRA Board of Directors 2015

President:    Kelly Walls
Vice President:    Lori Winters
Secretary-Treasurer:    Kathee Sukert
Directors:  Blaine Stolz, Diana Puhallo, Terris Billyboy, Leanne Manual, Lynda Wilson, Lynda Philpot, Sharon MacDonald, Tracey Nichols, Allison Everett, Niel Sukert, Shaun Oxtoby and Brigette Peel.
WLIRA Board of Directors April 2011.

(Photo above: A walk down memory lane, the WILR Board of Directors making presentations during the 2011 event.)

Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo Board of Directors (unknown date)

(Photo above: Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo Board of Directors (Unknown date, unknown photographer.)